Welcome to our website, if you are requiring Tester Blotter Strips, then you have found the expert supplier.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of Scent Strips, Fragrance Tester Strips, Perfume Testing Strips, Smelling Strips, Sniff Testers, Cologne Blotter Strips, Mouillettes de Parfum, Maximise supply many Retailers & Manufacturers worldwide with Tester Blotter Strips. Manufactured in the UK, we produce various styles, formats & colours of Branded Tester Blotter Strips using existing templates or to your specific requirements.

Whether you require a small quantity for a product launch or millions packed and distributed to multiple global outlets, then Maximise can fulfil your requirement. We will advise you on the correct grade of Absorbent Board depending on your requirements such as odour, brand guidelines, budgets, creation, evaluation or sales & marketing use.

Our Tester Blotter Strips provide the consistent standard for fragrance evaluation and are used throughout the Beauty, Perfume, Aromatherapy and Essential Oil industries, as they exhibit superior absorption and retention characteristics. With our expertise in colour brand management and in particular, packaging, using Maximise you will receive Tester Blotter Strips of the highest quality, printed with low odour inks on FSC accredited absorbent boards.



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