Blotters Are a Sustainable Item for Testing Aromas & Scents

This year at Maximise, we have passed the 50 million figure in the number of Tester Blotters that we have supplied to customers which is a lot of board! With more emphasis on reducing packaging waste and not just plastic, one of the benefits of using Blotters for testing & evaluating Aromas & Scents, is that they can be recycled.

Whether used at Point of Sale in a retail environment or in the creation process in the laboratory, our Tester Blotters can be recycled which can then be made into recycled boards and consequently used again in other print and packaging items. Interestingly, we have seen upturn in the last year in demand from clients for Tester Blotters produced using recycled absorbent boards.

All our absorbent boards used for in the production of Tester Blotters are FSC accredited boards. (the Forestry Stewardship Council is the mark of responsible forestry). Our absorbent boards are made from 100% Chlorine Free wood pulps, from well-managed, sustainable forests that are certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.

The Printed Tester Blotters that we supply are produced using low odour vegetable based inks with the ink coverage being kept to a minimum (quite often a logo). As well as creating plenty of space to test the scent, this is better for de-inking (as there is less ink) during the process of creating recycled boards.

So if you happen to be lucky enough to be ‘jetting off’ for your summer holidays and are planning on browsing the airport’s duty free perfume department. Remember that when you use the Tester Blotter Strips & Cards, that they can be used again, so please recycle them. We can then supply another 50 million!

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