Branded Sampler Cards

Are you an Sampling Service or Online Retailer of Perfumes, Room Fragrances, Essential Oils, CBD Oils, Beauty Products, Alcoholic Drinks or E-Vapor Liquids?

Do you have the difficulty with customers unable to sample or test your product before purchasing?

We have the solution, by using our Branded Promotional Sampler Cards. They are ideal for sending/mailing out your product to allow customers to smell, drink, test, trial at their convenience.

We supply them in 4 page or 6 page formats with options to hold and display Travel Miniatures, Spray Atomisers, Vial Bottles, Lipstick Tubes, Mascara Stick Brushes etc. .

With various options available for brand re-enforcement:-

  • Single or Full Colour Print

  • Decorative Metallic Foils

  • Embossed or Thermographed Raised Logos

  • Promotional Discount QR Codes for tracking

  • White/Tinted Absorbent Boards– Laminated or Varnished Finishes

For further information, then simply contact us direct via our enquiry form or call +44(0)1904 215145

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