We are the leading supplier of Fragrance Tester Strips and Perfume Smelling Strips for large quantities for retailers, labelled, packed and distributed to either one main address or to multiple outlets.

Whether you have a small Tester Strip packing requirement or have a complex POS campaign, we have various solutions available:-

  • Numbering, Collating, Inserting
  • Banding, Bundles, Sleeves,
  • POS Bar Code, Product Labelling
  • Grip Seal Bags, Clear Cello Envelopes
  • Shrink Wrapping Packs
  • UK & Overseas Shipment & Distribution
  • Storage and Stock Call Off

Using our Storage & Stock Call Off allows you bulk purchase saving you the hassle, storage space and of course money


UK/EUROPE:+44 (0)1904 215145

NORTH AMERICA:+1 (646) 205 8041

AUSTRALASIA+61 (0)8 6270 6350

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